Supoin Hand-held Terminal Refights Dubai 2017GITEX, Pace of Overseas Strategy Accelerates
SUPOIN   10 20,2017

On Oct. 12, Middle East Dubai Information Technology and Electronics Show (GITEX 2017) successfully ended in the Dubai World Trade Center. On the super stage showing the global communications and information technology innovation, as a leader of the Internet of Things mobile application, Supoin Technology, together with its own hand-held terminal independently researched and developed, solemnly appeared for making us have a limited glimpse.



As one of the world's leading three IT shows, GITEX gathered the global network communications equipment manufacturers and first-class operators and service providers in the Middle East, and became an industry feast all large-scale enterprises deemed as a chance of fighting the main battlefield of Middle East.



Star Products Appear, Attract Much Attention



The science and technology show perfected designed by Supoin attracted much attention of the large-scale operators around the world and enterprise users from the Middle East. Supoin staffs deeply communicated with visiting guests about equipment on show, for making many enterprise representatives on site reach a cooperation intention with Supoin.



On the show, Supoin greatly launched its own hand-held terminal independently researched and developed, including RFID products, special products, industrial products, general products and scanning products.



. With the excellent performance, Supoin S52 accomplished the seamless transition within the middle-long distance of 0-15m, for attracting many overseas clients to have a good experience;


. RFID products -- Supoin S53 and Supoin S62. Depending on its own outstanding performance of group reading and excellent overall structure design, it obtained the unanimous recognition from overseas clients.


Re-expand Overseas Territory, Highlight Supoin Strength



During the period of GITEX show, Supoin introduced the latest and the most cutting-edge technology of Internet of Things mobile application to the Middle East, for delivering Wisdom in China to the world, and also achieved the important step of expanding the overseas territory.

It is reported that Supoin has established the global-oriented service agency in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and even Europe, for providing the clients with high-speed, safe and high-quality hand-held terminal products and solutions.



From Created in China to Wisdom in China, Successive Waves are on the upsurge in the World. Supoin keeps up with the pace and aims at creating its own unique brand all over the world by virtue of performance-excellent products and well-rounded services, for endlessly exporting the innovation capability of enterprises in China to the global market, thus letting the world witness the comprehensive strength of enterprises in China.

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