Supoin PDA Participates in German CEBIT,the New Wave of Internet of Things Mobile Application Was Rising Again!
SUPOIN   7 4,2018

Hanover Consumer Electronics,Information and Communication Expo Raised the Curtain in Germany from June 11 to 15.


After the Taipei Computex, Supoin stroke a pose on the stage again in Hanover Consumer Electronics, Information and Communication Expo. It was in line with the world and opened a wider global market in the most influential and large-scale international IT field high-tech brand exhibition.



The Hanover International Expo (CEBIT), hosted by German Hanover Exhibition Company, was rooted in Hanover Industrial Expo in 1947. In 1986, CEBIT has developed exhibition independently. Over the next 20 years or so, it has kept the trend of continuous increasing and the leading position of industry exhibition.


Supoin Expands International Market Again, Stroking a Pose on the Stage of CEBIT.


As the global biggest ICT international top event, CEBIT exhibition this year focused on digital transformation of the society and opened a comprehensive discussion of global digital reform. The exhibition has attracted more than 2,800 enterprises from over seventy countries and districts, in which the enterprises from China is as many as 466, and Supoin is one of them.



In the top-level exhibition of the scientific and technological circles, Supion has been presenting S59 full keyboard industrial hand-held terminal and S65 large screen industrial mobile phone to strike a pose on stage. For the sake of meeting the science and technology demand of international society and economic field at present, Supion people have also communicated with the top research institutions and science-and-technology enterprises in the world to inject new power for the industry.


After Stepping Out of the Country, Supion Has Won a Good Reputation.


Supion booth is located in commercial digital hand-held terminal area. Bright orange shows passionately upward corporate spirit. The background wall of the exhibition hall is full of featured products, which also fully displays outstanding style of the navigators of the Internet of Things mobile application.



In the CEBIT this year, Supion headquarter has shown bran-new hardware products, schemes and results in the field of Internet of Things with the partners in Supion branch in Germany, shared and communicated cutting-edge technology and fashionable products with global technology practitioners, which enabled the guests to enjoy gasp in admiration toward Supion style, from which the host obtained attentions and drew approval from professional audiences at home and abroad.



Move on, 'Intelligently Made in China' Never Stops


In recent years, Supion has actively studied advanced technologies domestic and overseas and being perfected day by day on the basis of improving core competitiveness of products. It has constantly improved technology R&D level, designed hand-held terminals which are suitable for different scenes according to different environments and carried forward the spirit of 'Intelligently Made in China' continuously.



In the future, Supion will also get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh and provide clients from home and abroad with more superior products and services by virtue of innovation spirit of being brave to fight and trust and win-win cooperation conception. Try to move on and Supion will boost the 'Intelligently Made in China', and it shall never stop!

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