To your surprise, COMPUTEX 2016 not only showed the gusty earthquake, but also brought Supoin special hand-held terminal to you
SUPOIN   6 3,2016

On May 31, COMPUTEX 2016 was held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, with the goal of 'building global science and technology ecosystems', it was focused around four main themes: IoT applications, innovation & startups, business solutions and gaming. COMPUTEX 2016 has attracted more than 1600 exhibitors from approximate 30 countries and regions in the world.




At noon, people was shocked due to the earthquake occurred in the sea area of New Taipei City, it didn't affect the exhibition, exhibitors, buyers and visitors still focused their attention on the most important annual computer exposition event with great passion. Supoin, as a manufacturer from the Mainland China, has showed S56 special mobile terminal for DPM (direct part mark) code, S52 mobile terminal with ultra-long depth of focus for warehouse logistics and other high-profile flagship new products; with its powerful function, it has attracted a lot of people's eyes at the exhibition.



According to the Supoin staff, S56 DPM code reader showed at the exhibition adopts advanced 2D DPM scanning engine imported from abroad, it can quickly read characters or images engraved by laser, stippled mechanically, or printed by ink-jet coder, and it is widely used in manufacturing, logistics, food and drug administration, aerospace and other fields for quality tracing and product tracking and management.



S52 mobile terminal with ultra-long depth of focus for warehouse logistics manufactured by Supoin is a robust industrial mobile intelligent device. By adopting the third generation of 2D scanning engine, it can easily read bar code within 10-20 meters, which greatly saves energy and time that may spend on movement of personnel or equipment.



As the IOT era is coming, the economic benefits brought by production informatization will push the development and reformation of all industries. With the scientific and technological innovation, Supoin takes the lead in the field of data acquisition in IOT industry. The Internet of Things opens a new era, Supoin, with its excellent solutions, helps enterprises to keep up the trend and maintain its uniqueness in the age of information.


We sincerely welcome you to visit us at Booth No. 323 in Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (4F)

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