Supoin Industry, PDA debuted in 2017 Taipei Computer Show with its fantastic capability
SUPOIN   6 18,2017

The 2017 Taipei Computer show as the first class event in the information and communication technical industry ended a few days ago. The show, catering for the rising and development of IOT, cloud computing and other related industries, provides convenience for their technical communications between local dealers and external enterprises while paves the way to more cooperation. Shenzhen Supoin Information Technology Co., Ltd.  as a navigator in IOT mobile appliance industry  had its cutting-edge products appeared in a high profile and flared up in the show with its excellent capability.



On the first day of the show, Supoin exhibition attracted live medias and other exhibitors to visit and understand its products. The Supoin staffs in orange brand T-shirt were very busy, some distributing files, some explaining products carefully and some signing orders on sites. The exhibition was crowd and hot.




The principal of Supoin export department introduced to us that, it was its second time for the show and its products and technology were upgrade compared to last year, for example, the X-series special hand-held terminal which was the most important product in the show was a super masterpiece after hard research in ten years. The terminal is so excellent not only in industrial protection performance and bar code identification but in user operating experience that it has already been up to the top level in domestic industrial grade mobile intelligence terminal design and manufacture. Especially, the S52-series industrial grade mobile intelligence terminal can transit seamlessly when it scans close targets in 0.15m and far targets in 15m.



Supoin high-frequency RFID-series special hand-set terminal is another star product. The series can effectively decrease questions about blind spot and misreading and identify overall high-density RFID at a high speed with the agglomeration identification technique when it identifies a mass of labels and gathers data Many customers in domestic and abroad applauded Supoin's technological level and innovation after they experienced the exhibition.


Supoin scan guns also drew lots of attentions with its cleverish and fashion body, ergonomic design and remarkable identification capability which were all beyond the industry level. It got high approval from on-site exhibitors due to its speedy scan, high precision, one and two dimension scan, damaged barcode scan, low power consumption, good performance cost and compatibility, convenient operating experience and other advantages.



In ten years, Supoin has been sticking to develop its own, adhering to world-class quality for Foxconn OEM. It never stops in innovation and perfection to stand still with its products and reference. Despite industrial competition is becoming more and more fierce and brutal and market trends are always changing quickly, Supoin still fight in the automatic identification industry depending on its product quality, strong technical team and 5A level service concept.



The company has achieved satisfactory results and acquired the trust and support from customers in a variety of industries and countries since it developed oversea market broadly. In the future, Supoin will continue to draw sword to contribute to the global ICT technological innovation and informatization via providing efficient mobile information solution for fast-growing upstarts with innovative technology.

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