Supoin S50
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Mobile intelligent terminal

S50 is a solid and durable industrial grade mobile terminal with advanced function of data collection and real-time communication. In term of structural design, adopts high strength overall magnesium aluminum alloy stand around the main board and LCD screen.

Advanced security protection protocol ensures veracity and security of data transmission. Fully supports multiple data collection methods such as one and two dimensional code scanning. Specially design for outdoor application environment, can help worker to simplify work flow and increase efficiency at each operating part so as to reduce data error rate and operating cost.

Product features

●  High-speed operation performance:
With Android 5.1 and WinCE6.0 operating system,matching Qualcomm M8X12 quad core 1.2GHz and PXA310 806MHz high speed processor with prefect compatibility and computing capability.

●  Powerful endurance ability:
3800mAh dual-core high capacity anti-explosion battery persistently provides over 10 working hours using.Charging cradle optional,can charge device and battery at the same time, ensure use during work shift and enhance efficiency.

●  Resourceful configuration:
Adapt all kinds of scanning engines,support WIFI/Bluetooth/WCDMA/EVDO/GPRS etc.communication transmission modes.

●  Industrial grade durability:
TPU Bi-colors rubber protected body encapsulation and high density magnesium aluminum alloy framework, durable laser etching design, IP65 grade so as to ensure working in any hostile environments.

●  Excellent identification ability:
Fully support one and two dimensional code scanning with ultra-strong decoding capability and quick identification ability, easy read the damaged and bend low quality code.

● Always-available wireless connection:
Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n full-band wireless communications, specially designed for matching large warehouse and other complex environment with WIFI technology. Excellent anti-disturbance performance,extremely data transmission in order to provide more stable, efficient wireless support.

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