Supoin S53
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Industrial RFID Special Mobile Terminal

S53 is a solid and durable industrial RFID mobile terminal, it can withstand multiple drops from a height of 2.5m and 0.5m rolling for 1000 times, and also has a long service life.

As an excellent ultra-high frequency long range special mobile terminal, it equipped with high performance UHF reading up to 50 electronic tags simultaneously per second within the effective range. With Android and WinCE operating system, matching Qualcomm M8X12 quad core 1.2GHz and PXA310 806MHz high-speed processor with prefect compatibility and advanced computing capability.

Product features

ÔŚĆ  Excellent UHF RFID reading and writing´╝Ü
With high performance UHF reading and writing module and high sensitivity antenna, the read-write distance can reach up to 5m, can read 50 tags simultaneously per second.  
ÔŚĆ  Industrial grade durability´╝Ü
TPU Bi-colors rubber protected body encapsulation and high density magnesium aluminum alloy framework,durable laser etching design, IP65 grade so as to ensure working in any hostile environments.  
ÔŚĆ  Convenient and comfortable handle´╝Ü
Fashion and ergonomics design with convenient and comfortable handle doubles and boost the work efficiency. 

ÔŚĆ  High-speed operation performance´╝Ü
Adopts congregating identification technology,
can rapidly read all dense tags and reduces blind spots or reading error rate during reading large quantities of single tags.  
ÔŚĆ  Rechargeable dual electric system´╝Ü
Rechargeable polymer lithium battery, the device can continuously work for more than 12 hours with built-in 3800mAH battery and external 3200mAH battery built-in the handle.  
ÔŚĆ Always-available wireless connection´╝Ü
Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n full-band wireless communications and maintains real-time connection with the system to ensure high efficient operation.

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