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Problems and Challenges
1.To find goods in warehouse , time consuming , you often are unable to find
2.You do not know how many stocks in warehouse , also do not know the specific place of storage
3.It takes too much time of each inventory
4.It affects efficiency because it takes much time when goods are delivered to warehouse and out of storage.


System Outline
Supoin wireless integrated solution of 'smart warehousing management', through collection of accurate
data of warehouse, can help you effectively ensure the consistent accuracy and consistency of data
generated from the actual operation, logistics process and backstage database, improve the work
efficiency and thus practice systematic warehousing management and lower the operation cost


System Structure
1.Mobility: The system, well integrated with Supoin handheld terminal, can be operated via mobile terminal or browser in computer, the data of both channels are real-time data with consistency;
2.Support barcode: The system ensures the effective collection of accurate data in virtue of barcode-based management;
3.Expansibility: The system is compatible with the existing systems of customers, this web-based system is easy to upgrade and maintain, which allows it to enjoy lower maintenance cost. 
4.Comprehensiveness: With services covering consultation, planning, implementation, hardware, software and after-sale service, the system can meet all your demands for warehousing management.


System Benefit
1.Scan the barcode for data input with the mobile terminal during the move the goods to ensure the accuracy of the warehouse data;
2.Practice detailed and accurate management of warehouse to optimize the utilization of warehouse space;
3.Both goods management forms of combined storing and picking and separated storing and picking are available to improve the efficiency of goods replenishment and picking and reduce the cost of warehouse human resource;
4.Improve the performance of warehouse keepers. 


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