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Problems and Challenges
1. You can not control timely control using status of current materials
2. The current production progress is not clear , increase management costs


System Outline
Real-time management of production line data can be achieved with mobile intelligent terminal through barcode scanning or RFID data collection. The real-time management of production line data can free the company from manual input of employee production, enhance the accuracy of data to meet all requirements for production adjustment in production line and thus improve the production efficiency of the company.   

System Structure
Material Distribution to Designated Receiver
Use the mobile terminal to confirm the identification of the material receiver;
Use the mobile terminal to scan the barcode the goods and check the quantity of the material.

Production Process
Use the mobile terminal to confirm the employee card of each post and to record the quantity of materials received by the receiver;
Re-scan the barcode when the employee finishes the material processing of a semi-finished product and starts the material processing of next one.

Data Summarization
Have real-time uploading of data to backstage server via GPRS/3G, management of the company can check the data regarding the processing process of employees at any time. 


System Benefit
To realize transparent production:by SUPOIN series product is records that from supplier to purchaser is receiving even production and quality testing whole process , and through network system to timely upload them to database, appear warehouse and production process at any time, let you timely control using status of material batch and clearly know the current production schedule, to reduce management costs . 


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