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System Outline
Supoin anti-fake and anti-channel conflict system, in combination with advanced mobile communication technology, mobile intelligent terminal and encrypted coding technology, can have accurate and confidential labeling of goods. Additionally, the system can effectively prohibit the cross-region sales and channel conflict of goods, keep the company from the impact of fake products, and allow the company to have effective control and management of various channels of distribution.


System Structure
Unified management of dealers, goods and anti-fake code
Fake warning
Repetition warning
Monitoring of channel conflict
Output of data
System Benefit
Enhance control of channel conflict
Trace the distribution of the goods and share the data of sales to end users, which can effectively monitor the channel conflict.

Improve channel management
The combination of further exploration of the terminal and backstage system can help you to have effective control of channels, get the data of the sales to end users and improve your control of channel and terminal.

Promote goods sales
The development of seamless collaboration platform can improve the effectiveness and smoothness in the operation of different sectors of the overall supply chain, including order, replenishment, distribution, sales at counter, warehousing of goods, which will contribute to the pre-plan and pre-allocation of the fund chain of the company and allow the goods to enjoy a better market.

Increase brand value
Prevent occurrence of fake goods and channel conflict of goods, enhance the management of the company and safeguard the lawful rights and interest of the company. 

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