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Problems and Challenges
1.The tratiditional anti-counterfeiting technology is not unique and easy to be copied
2.Hard to check the tickets, huge work to sell them
3.Selling and verifying tickets has very low effiency, especially for some large theme activities, which will cause the long-time waiting
4.Too hard to make the refound of tickets
5.Not enough ticket offices, very hard to buy tickets
6.Ticket is not convenient to carry, when it's lost, it's impossible to make up.


System Outline
1.Data Center: It's combined with the Central Data Server and Managing Terminal. It is the Data Center of system what is used to store and process the Ticket Mangeing/ Selling and Checking Information centralized.
2.Producing/ Selling tickets system: Combined with Ticket Mangement Terminal and Tag Pressing/ Printing Terminal to produce/ sell/ anti-counterfeit of E-tickets.
3.Checking/ Inquirying Tickets System: When the audience are entering the exbihitions, staff can use SUPOIN Series Products to identify realness of tickets,the legal audience is listed and identified information will be uploaded and downloaded by the Host Computer with the management center.


System Benefit
1.Counting the tickets selling situation of different stages and times.
2.Counting and inquirying based on the Selling Time/ Selling Offices/ Sorts/ Entering Situation;
3.Incomings counting and inquirying of every stage/ every day/ every month;
4.Printing all kinds of data charts.


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