Title: Supoin stroke a pose on the stage of the GITEX Dubai 2018 and introduced itself to the world
SUPOIN   10 23,2018

Supoin Technology sets out again to crusade in the overseas market. The GITEX Dubai 2018 opened on October 14 local time at the Dubai World Trade Center. Multiple series of Supoin industrial handheld intelligent terminal landed on the stage of the Middle East and got praised for the up-to-date technology in applying the mobile IOT (Internet of Things) application technology, excellent performance of automatic identification and all-round high-quality services, which means a big step forward for Supoin in its strategic layout of the overseas market.


Dubai is located in the heartland of the Middle East, luxurious and fertile. The GITEX, one of the world's three biggest IT exhibitions, is the largest and the most influential computer information show in the Middle East. Every autumn, thousands of exhibitors from all over the world gather together to display their dazzling products on the show. There, Supoin products also 'get inspected' by the world.



Supoin was full of highlights during the exhibition. The dominant tune of the booth was orange, as always, bright and vigorous; A large model of the industrial full keyboard stood by and attracted much attention because of its elaborate craft.



On site, technical sales staff introduced Supoin's best-seller products one by one to guests and clients with different skin tones and accents.



Supoin S52 long-range PDA can make a seamless transition between 0.15 - 20m. It is so powerful in recognizing, reading and decoding that can even read through a thin film and under bending or folded situations. The handheld terminal can also focus on similar barcodes to reduce misreading rate significantly. Its strong photosensitivity ensures it to work normally even in the dark warehouse.


Supoin S59 features the full keyboard design with 154 flexible key values. The function menu can be accessed only by one click. Complying to operating habits in English, it can further improve the work efficiency and offer an experience of being one step ahead.



The ultra-high frequency RFID series is another highlight. Supported by advanced collection recognition technology, the device can read dense tags at rapid speed. It will be a cinch for the terminal to recognize 200 tags in seconds. At this speed, the scanning work would be much easier and faster.




All above are Supoin's latest R&D achievements, with both fashionable appearance and powerful performance, showing the leading position of Supoin in the industry. In front of diverse product choices, guests and consumers all expressed their appreciation and carried out in-depth exchanges with Supoin. They recognized and appreciated the strength of Supoin and the displaying new products. Some even expressed their willingness to cooperate immediately.



Dubai is one of the most important overseas markets for Supoin. Every appearance means an all-out move. On the one hand, this world-class professional platform can bridge the distance between Supoin and the overseas consumers and also provide more cooperative partners and business opportunities to the company. On the other hand, Supoin will use this chance to showcase the powerful strength and innovative image of Chinese enterprises to the world, and further enhance the awareness of the brand and the influence abroad.




Rooted in China and serving the world, Supoin Technology, as a leading domestic service provider of the mobile IOT application, is pushing forward the developing strategies of globalization. We aim to help plenty of industry customers at home and abroad to realize the digital transition and upgrading and improve the comprehensive competitiveness through our stable and reliable mobile IOT technology and innovative services. We have reasons to believe that: Supoin Technology is a trustworthy name card, and the whole world will feel the enormous new-born energy of the China Supoin.

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