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System Outline
The automatic information collection and real-time information transmission of Supoin handheld data terminal, through uploading and downloading latest information via GPRS, will help you to have real-time management of business data generated from the order taking, reception, delivery, putaway and adjustment of goods, price verification and stock taking, which will allow you to have effective management of goods in stores and bonus point of end customers.


System Structure
For example:
1.When the goods go in to stock, use handhelds to read the barcodes or RFID tags attached and transfer data to backend.
2.Before sales, inquire goods details via attached bar codes and labels, including stock remnant, price, model number, discount information and so on.
3.On sales-generate orders and submit to back-end database and update product information and send order feedback accordingly.
4.After settlement, to update product information at back-end data base to ensure balance of sales and inventory.
5.On daily stocktaking, to read goods information and send back to backend database to obtain inventory and sales feedback.


System Benefit
1.Goods information real time search to learn latest info:use SUPOIN series barcode terminal to scan goods barcode and download data from local server via WLAN network, the goods price, quantity and stock information etc would be found in the SUPOIN series terminal; it support shop staff to search goods real time information
2.Mobile billing system reduce pressure of checkout counter and increase customer satisfaction:SUPOIN series handheld terminal mobile billing application eliminate manual billing works, increase check out efficiency and customer satisfaction.
3.Warehouse terminal support, for inventory management, improving incoming accuracy and visibility of warehousing
4.Customer service, sales terminals, to improve client relationship management, check product list quickly and to prevent from bulgar, promotion and so on.

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