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System Outline
Digital hospital refers to an integrated information system, consisting of digital medical equipment, networking platform and hospital business software, to which advanced network and digital technology have been applied. The digital hospital will contribute to the integration of hospital resources, optimization of process, reduction of operation cost and betterment of service quality, work efficiency and management of the hospital.


System Structure
Query and collection of mobile data can improve the work efficiency of hospital staff.
3G network can enhance the entire hospital information system (HIS). 
Ward round management of hospital


System Benefit
1.SUPOINmobile computers improve the work efficiency of doctors and nurses, save time and enable ward rounds to be completed in an efficient and orderly manner.
2.Automatic identification put an end to medical error: to have real-time query and check by automatic identification technology of Wrist strap and mobile technology of SUPOIN series products. To get 'five right' of medical check system.( The right patients, the right drugs, the right dose, the right time and the right drug use)
3.System's automatic operation replaces the paperwork:SUPOIN series products replace Paperwork process and can query the doctor's advice and patient information anytime and anywhere. All input work is finished in SUPOIN series mobile computers. Real-time upload save secondary workload and at the same time provide more fast and more comprehensive data for performance.


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